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Chapter Contact List

Chapter Co-Leaders
   • Christine Price -

Chapter Treasurer
   • Pati Primerano

Newsletter Editor
   • Joan Carafos -

National Organization Contact
   • Christine Price -

General Information
   • Christine Price -



In memory of a life so beautifully lived ...

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Contact A Friend

All of us have had days when the need to connect with someone who has experienced the grief we all share is unbearable. You are not alone. We have cried the same tears, walked in the same shoes.

The following Steering Committee members are available to listen. Please do not hesitate to pick up the phone or send an email.

Christine Price, Chapter Co-Leader -
585-371-8415 (a
vailable via text or call)

Joan Carafos 585-755-4753 -
(after 4 pm)

George Carafos 585-755-4752 -
(after 4 pm)

Pati Primerano 585-582-1276 (daytime)

Adrienne Dahl 585-662-5300

Terry Cicotte 585-482-7825 -






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